Wednesday 20 July 2011


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Wednesday 11 May 2011

'Letters from Iberia' launched on the 6th May and will run until the 23rd May. Come on down to the transformed space and see the collection!

 The space is so new the floors are still sticky!

Monday 18 April 2011

Tis very exciting news for all those following progress towards the opening of the 'Framed -Letters from Iberia' work begins of refurbishing are fabulous new gallery space this week. The new venue within Gayfield Square Edinburgh and sits a hidden secret behind and beside the Art hub of the Broughton area. 

This space 'Framed' is now occupying is vast and provides a unique layout for a commercial gallery offering an interior quite different from other art spaces around Edinburgh. The space itself after offers a varied potential for boutique events throughout the year - ideas including; Arts and crafts classes, film launches, fashion retail events and other exciting events unique to the 'Framed' gallery space.

We are truly looking forward to getting stuck into creating the perfect venue for our launch of 'Framed - letters from Iberia' our premier exhibition.  The potential behind this new innovative venue is incredible and we can't wait to show the public the finished article.  We are so excited to launch the gallery with such a variation of ground breaking art work from a fruitful culture of well known Spanish and Portugese artists.
We shall be updating you with photos and  videos of the transformation to the launch night on our twitter and facebook pages. Stay tuned for our exciting images of everyone's superb efforts!

Thursday 3 February 2011

News - Letter From Iberia

So!! Letters from Iberia is now confirmed and will be launching of the 6th of May in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Featuring eight sculptors and painters from Spain and Portugal the exhibition is to be a feast for the senses (see the Facebook for more images).

With sculptural installations in St Andrews Square and a supporting events programme featuring fashion shows, film screenings and talks; Framed and its partners look forward to showing you what we can do...